Applied Chemical Specialties, Inc. is a privately-owned company that researches, develops, and manufactures specialty automotive chemicals. This includes the No-Rosion and HyperKuhl brands, which are sold directly to consumers. Since 1995, we have provided our premium-quality fluid maintenance products to many of the worlds top automobile collectors and museums.

We also research, develop, and manufacture bulk, turn-key, private label engine fluid additives for domestic and international automotive and trucking brands.

Through these combined efforts, we provide specialty automotive chemicals to millions of consumers worldwide.

We have over 40 years experience in industrial water treatment, and continue to operate a separate division in this area. Combining efforts with our industrial chemical division allows us to achieve significant economies of scale in purchasing, manufacturing, and shipping. It also provides us with advanced R&D capabilities. This differentiates us from all other consumer automotive chemical manufacturers in the US.  





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DID YOU KNOW...   No-Rosion was in the cooling systems and fuel systems of fifteen award-winning classics at the 2023 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!

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